Simple TV Library for Windows 10


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  • Age rating:  16+
  • Processors:  x64, x86
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Simple TV Library is a way to make browsing your TV episode library 1000x better than just browsing folders on the desktop. This app will download rich media to go along with your episodes in the form of background art, episode descriptions, episode names, screen captures, etc. In addition, an Episode Guide has been included! Along with the series you have, you can directly search this app for Episode Guides for any show you wanted to look up!

WARNING: This app does NOT download TV shows for you, nor does it show you where to get TV shows. Be aware of this before you download. You must have an existing library of TV show videos for this app to be of any use to you.

Do you have an XBMC setup somewhere in your home on a network? Why not just network your media files and watch them on your tablet or laptop using Simple TV Library?

Enjoy a simple video player that remembers where you paused it and resumes (if you want it to) exactly where you were even after closing the app. Works in Landscape mode only.

Spice up your Start screen with a wide tile that displays images of some of the TV series you have.

This new version uses SQLite as a backend for your data and MVVM Light to manage the user interface.

Powered by the amazing website!

This app currently requires an x86 or x64-based CPU (no ARM support yet) and a working internet connection to download the rich-media content. Once content has been downloaded to go with your current library, your internet connection is not required unless any new videos are added.

Privacy Policy: Simple TV Library will only store information about the TV shows you are watching and have watched in a local folder on the machine you have it installed. No information is sent back to the creators of this app. This app does use to acquire images and descriptions for content. However, no personally identifying data is sent out in the request by Simple TV Library other than what exists in network protocols. does not collect any personally identifying data other than the name of the app accessing its database.